Uniqueka Davis-McKinney Provides The Best Vegetables to Grow in the Summer

Uniqueka Davis-McKinney

The dog days of summer have arrived, but that won’t stop those with a green thumb from tending to their garden. A lot of crops can’t standup to the summer heat, but some will actually thrive in the summer months. Today, Uniqueka Davis-McKinney will provide some insight into the vegetables that grow the best during the hottest months of the year.  

Sweet Potatoes

Uniqueka Davis-McKinney recommends sweet potatoes as the perfect summer vegetable to plant. The best time to plant sweet potatoes is during the summer months as they thrive in the heat. In less than three months, a garden can be full of ripe sweet potatoes. This is perfect for anyone who loves sweet potato fries during football season!

Hot Peppers

A lot of gardeners avoid planting peppers in the summer as larger peppers are notorious for drying up in the summer sun. However, smaller peppers, which usually come with increased heat, will actually produce rather well in the heat. Anyone who likes a bit of heat with their dishes would be wise to plant some extra hot peppers this July.

Green Beans

Green beans can be a rather satisfying vegetable to plant because bushels can produce big returns in a short amount of time. Because green beans are amongst the easiest vegetables to grow, they are a great vegetable to plant with children. Seeing green beans produce is a great way to instill a lifelong love of green beans. The summer months produce green beans just as well as the spring and summer months, so it’s a great crop for summertime.


Eggplant grows extremely well in the heat, but they need to be monitored regularly. Eggplants often attract flea beetles and other insects. There are safe insecticides that can be used to keep insects away, but gardeners can often monitor the freshness of their eggplant by inspecting their crop for tiny pinholes.


Cucumbers provide great bang for your gardening buck as they can be served as is in most delicious summer salads or they can turn into homemade pickles, which are often a family favorite. Cucumbers do require a bit of gardening expertise as they must grow from fertile soil that is getting plenty of water.

The above are just a few of the vegetables that grow really well throughout the summer. Do you have a favorite crop to grow in the summer heat? Let Uniqueka know in the comments as she’s always looking for new crops to plant!

Uniqueka Davis-McKinney
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