Uniqueka Davis-McKinney on Ways to Improve as a Cook

Uniqueka Davis-McKinney

Uniqueka Davis-McKinney believes one of the best parts about being a cooking enthusiast is enjoying something you prepared with the people you care about most. The challenge of constantly improving can be extremely rewarding. However, cooking is like anything else, there comes a point where plateaus are reached and something new must be tried to push past the barrier of complacency. If you are looking to up your cooking game, consider these tips from Uniqueka Davis MicKinney

Use More Salt

Any fan of food cooking competition programming can tell you that judges point to lack of salt about as quickly as any flaw in a cook’s arsenal. The problem most amateur cooks have with salt is that they either season their food before cooking or immediately after. Top chefs instruct their peers to season throughout the preparation of the meal. It is believed that steady seasoning is the best way to extract the most flavor out of the ingredients.

Expand Your Cooking Horizons

New cooks are encouraged to take advantage of the countless cooking books and recipes that flood the pages of the Internet, but as skills grow, recipes can be restraining. Everyone has different tastes and veering off from a recipe can be a thrilling and rewarding experience. Uniqueka Davis-McKinney encourages fellow cooking enthusiasts to trust their instincts. If food is tasted and it feels like it needs something else, but the recipe does not call for it – go for it anyway!

Make Sure Your Knives Are Sharp

A sharp knife will actually help reduce accidents in the kitchen as most cooks cut themselves because dull blades slip off of food more frequently. Sharp knives also allow cooks to improve their cutting skills and prepare ingredients that are equally sized. Improving knife skills helps the look of a dish as well as all of the ingredients are uniformed and more appealing to the diner. People first eat with their eyes, so attention-to-detail is important.

Go Fresh!

So much of cooking is about the quality of the ingredients. Just like the coach of a sports team relies on quality players, a good cook must make the most out of their ingredients. When the quality of ingredients improves, the results improve as well. One of the best ways to ensure the freshness of the ingredients you are cooking with is to look up local farmer markets. There is nothing quite like fresh produce from local farmers. You will taste the difference between fresh produce and frozen store-bought products.

Uniqueka Davis-McKinney
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